Sri Lankan Safari and Beach

Another hot day in paradise! We have a little bad news… On the way to the Uda Walawe National Park, George got really car sick. Like multiple trash bags car sick. So he missed the safari 😦 and we are rerouting our trip here. Instead of driving into the mountains on these windy roads with really aggressive drivers, we are going to stay local and surf a bit more. What a terrible life, right???

We went to Uda with a guy staying at our Inn, so I went on the safari with him while George recovered from the drive. IT WAS AMAZING. Sorry George! Elephants, peacocks, water buffalo, a big ass safari jeep. I should have worn all my safari camo! Or bought some…

Also, something weird happened on the safari… These Sri Lankan school kids were chilling next to this giant lake and started snapping “selfies” with me like I was a movie star. I’m turning into a celebrity! Take that Big Crazy Family! One of the 12 year old boys got a little too up close and personal with his selfie, so I had to cut them off, put on my sunglasses, and walk back to my ride. 

 Here’s some animal photos and a pic of us at the beach yesterday.  



2 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Safari and Beach”

  1. Oh wow!!! Sorry, George, that those electric shocks weren’t enough :(.
    The awesomeness of where you are is, well, awesome! Enjoying your witt and photography. I see your freckles Rachel😎. Carry on. Love you guys .


  2. Living vicariously through your updates. What a great journey and Surfing sounds like a great alternative. You have 3 months to carry on! May God grace you easy roads!


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