Mirissa Beach is Beautiful

We had an amazing time at Mirissa Beach. The sand is tiny, the waves are small, and there’s puppies on the beach! The puppies really put it over the edge. George was the puppy King, at one point he had three puppies under his chair! Long live the puppy King!

Also, we tried out the bus, which cost like 50 cents for the both of us to ride, and it wasn’t too bad! So that’s going to be our new mode of transportation. 

Today we are going to take a sun break, I keep getting burned in different places, and try to get a massage or head to this Dutch town called Galle. Kate, all the Europeans really love it! Ahahahaha.  




7 thoughts on “Mirissa Beach is Beautiful”

    1. You should add it to the India trip! He’s still not 100%, but hopefully soon. The sun really zaps you too. And I like the stalking…


      1. Weird I totally never got an email about your reply! Anyway we are just doing Northern India and Varanasi and we’re already at 3 weeks so we can’t add anything. We’ll definitely do Southern India and Sri Lanka soon though! Brandon gets the next choice.


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