Surfs Up!

Today we paddled through the waves and took the ocean by storm! Actually it took us more than we took it… But we still had fun. Weligama is known for its baby waves and surf lessons, so we took a Tuk Tuk over ( no more buses for a while, the drivers are driving like they snorted a ton of cocaine. More on that in a second) and took a lesson before hitting the water. The instructor was great, he went slowly and made sure we were comfortable before we started paddling on our own. I caught a few, George of course caught a lot. G, the master of all boards. 

Back to the crazy bus drivers. So the Sri Lankan New Year is coming up on Wednesday! A lot of places are starting to shut down, people are making sure their fireworks work (at all hours) and the beach towns are starting to fill up. Also, people are starting to party a little early. Chathu, our host, told us to stay away from the buses until Friday because they may be drunk driving. AWESOME! 

I’ve seen like three policemen the whole time I’ve been here so I’m sure it’s going to be a shit show. I can’t wait! But really, I can’t. It’s going to be really fun.

I didn’t take any photos of us surfing because I I was in water, but here’s one of my sunburn and some amazing Sri Lankan curry.  This is squid curry with a bunch of vegetable sides. We eat this almost every day now. Yum!




4 thoughts on “Surfs Up!”

  1. Looks like you are having a great time. Love reading about your adventures. The memories will last you a lifetime. Enjoy every minute!


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