Surprise! Rats and Galle

Today was full of surprises! We woke up to find a rat in our toilet… So that was fun. George thought it was a frog at first, until we saw the face. I flushed the toilet and that got him out… Foul.
After that, we swam around in the ocean a bunch and got papaya and pineapple lassi’s. Yumfest!
We were told to skip Galle because of all the “fat Europeans,” but we still decided to take the train over and check out the old Dutch fort. All of the Europeans at the hotel were raving about it, ha! So, the train was amazing. Galle was pretty, but it really felt out of place. It’s filled with Dutch architecture and pish posh shops. We got gelato and that was amazing, but there were tons of rich Europeans paying way to much money for everything all around us. It blew our minds. 

After we left, George made a buddy with some local who proceeded to take us deep into the local part of town and tried to sell us overpriced herbs. We got got! Never again Sunandan, never again.

New Years is tomorrow! Let’s get crazy!



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