Happy Sri Lankan New Year!

Yesterday Buddists and Hindus celebrated New Years on the island, and it was super fun. 

Starting at 1:24p, everyone had to stop working and go to temple. They fast until 8:54p, do a couple ceremonies to see how their year will pan out and then continue to party the night away. 

We had been hearing a lot of “practice” fireworks this last week, so finally we heard them all go off together. Unfortunately we didn’t see any in the sky, just heard the loud bangs. I guess they have different kinds here?

Our host, Chathu, was so amazing throughout the the whole day. After dinner, he invited us ( the 9 of us staying at the Inn) into his home to have dessert with his family and gave us a bottle of white Arak to drink. It was… Not good. I felt like I was in high school again drinking Early Times. And he expected us to finish the whole bottle, so it was a long night. We slept in a bit today :/

People are still partying on the streets today, with lots of liquor. It’s a pretty fun scene to be a part of. Next time, we may skip the Arak!

Here’s a photo of Chathu’s dad, also the cook, lighting off these bottle cap fireworks. He was like a little kid, and he was a little drunk. Also, I took these photos from under the table for some reason… I blame the Arak. 



5 thoughts on “Happy Sri Lankan New Year!”

  1. LOL sneaking pics under the table. Sounds like a great day, what memories are made of, as long as you don’t drink too much Arak ; )


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