Hiking Sigiriya- The Lion Rock

G and I needed a beach break, so last night we took the train to Colombo in prep for our longer train ride today to Sigiriya. 

Side note, we had air conditioning and TGI Fridays for dinner in Colombo. It was a nice break from 105 degrees and a fan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! 

Sigiriya was so tight! We watched monkeys playing for a few hours before we walked up a lot of stairs… According to my phone we went up 81 flights to get to the top. Whoop whoop! Dats some exercise. 

Here’s some photos of the rock before the climb and the amazing views. Totally worth the gallons of sweat and scary heights without railings…

P.S. If anyone decides to do this hike, buy water BEFORE you hit the moat. We had some issues…




4 thoughts on “Hiking Sigiriya- The Lion Rock”

    1. We did a lot of walking to find water, like basically back to the street entrance. The ice cream man finally hooked us up.


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