Stuck in Colombo

While Sigiriya was amazing, the train ride back to Colombo was not. Apparently it was the busiest train day of the year due to the long holiday and work on Monday. So we stood in a crammed train car for over six hours. We made a couple local friends who spoke some broken English, so that was the highlight. Before we left, we were told that once we got to Colombo, there would be trains out to Midigama. There was not 😦
So we got stuck here again, in the AC. At least this time we skipped TGI Fridays! We went to Galle Face Green, this big open area next to the ocean where people hang out and sell street food. It was really cute! Except all of my clothes were so sweat stained (all my white clothes are now orange) I had to wear George’s shirt :/ I looked crazy, especially with my “cute” fix where I hair tied my shirt. 

Here’s a couple photos. I wish I had one on the train but I didn’t want to bust out my phone in all of the chaos. 



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