Goodbye Sri Lanka, Vietnam Here We Come!

Alas, our time in Sri Lanka is coming to an end 😦 We had a great time, but we’re definitely ready to leave the beach and head to Vietnam to meet up with Swole and MaryBeth! Let the games begin…

To summarize our time here in Sri Lanka, I would say that it was refreshing. We were thrown out of our comfort zone for two weeks and we survived! 

It also made us that more thankful for what we have. Now I’m thankful for stop signs and traffic lights, neutered dogs, air conditioning, the snack car on Amtrak (I tried a piece of fruit on the train, and I paid for it…), and flushing toilet paper.

Actually, I think you can flush the toilet paper here, but we thought they had the same rules as Thailand and discovered that they weren’t the same like yesterday… Whoops! 

Our flight leaves tonight/morning at 1am, and we arrive in Hanoi at 9:30am. George can’t wait to whip out his skateboard and I can’t wait to replace all of my white clothes. 



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