Hanoi = Happiness

Hanoi is awesome!!! It’s like 80 degrees, the people are so nice, and the coffee and pho are on point! Also, we got a surprise hotel upgrade… So now we’re staying at this brand new 4 star hotel for $19 a night. Whaaaaat. 

Also MB and Walt are here! Supes fun. Walt already found the crossfit gym, surprise?

Yesterday we chilled and George got a haircut on the street for $2. Today we explored, had pho twice, went to this temple on a lake, and got really weird at a techno bar.

OH, and we started the day with hour long massages for $15. We win! Tomorrow we are going to do more of the same. Maybe some shopping and the Ho Chi Min Museum/pagoda/ thing then head to Ha Long Bay on Sunday.  

Fun note: Vietnam banned WordPress and Blogspot in January, I’m not sure why. So this took me a while to post because I had to find some hack. If this backfires and I get banned again OR get thrown in blogging prison, I hope you enjoy these photos. 




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