Cat Ba and Halong Bay

OMG, I was on a boat from 8a-2p today and did not throw up! IT’S A MIRACLE! I’m going to give a big shout to this Reliefband that made this trip so much more amazing, and a shout out to my mom who found it on amazon 🙂 The last two days have been so fun! Yesterday we rented motorbikes and explored Cat Ba island. We did this intense hike through Cat Ba National Park that was pretty cool. 

Today we split up, because I wasn’t sure if I could handle a whole day boat tour, and went cruising around the bay. G and I stopped to bicycle around this small fishing town, while MB and Walt kayaked caves and hiked on Monkey Island. They won, but we still had fun. 

Tomorrow we’re heading back to Hanoi for the night to experience the fantabulous brunch at the hotel one more time. Mango juice and passion fruit please!


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