Phong Nha- Cave Paradise

After 10 hours on the train from Hanoi, we made it to the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park!

We’re staying in this tiny rural town, sharing the sidewalk with cows and puppies (of course) and are surrounded by these beautiful mountains. 

After drinking a few too many cocktails last night at the Easy Tiger, the sleazy tiger bucket is not recommended, we woke up a bit early :/ and headed to Paradise Cave.

The cave is huge! Luray Caverns can take a seat because this shit was on point. 

Then things got a little weird… 

We decided to go to the Dark Cave where you slide and swim around in the mud while exploring the cave for like an hour. 

1. I think the mud was actually bat poop.

2. MB and I have booty burn from sliding down the mud slides. Rock warning!

3. We reached the end of the cave and couldn’t find a way out. The guides disappeared and the 20 tourists had to figure out how to get the f out of mud hell. 

Cool note: We floated in the mud water, like Dead Sea floated. I’m not sure if that’s one of the effects of bat shit, but I’ll take it.

We also weren’t able to take our cameras into that cave, so I just took a photo of the advertisement… Slightly misleading.

If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, we are going to take a boat into another cave that’s supposed to be pretty awesome. 

Shower time!


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