Phong Nha Cave & Hue

We loved Paradise Cave so much, we decided to go on one more cave adventure on our last day in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.
This time we went to the namesake, Phong Nha Cave. To get into the cave, you have to take a half hour ferry ride and sail inside. It was so tight. It actually reminded Walt and I of the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disney World, minus the pirates and yo-ho songs. 
Thr “captain” took the roof off of our boat, bonus!, so we could stand up during the half hour boat ride through the cave. All for the huge price of $10 a person… We really splurged!
Then we hiked up a lot of stairs to another cave and a beautiful view.
Today we woke up in Hue, the old capital and the home of the DMZ from the Vietnam War. The DMZ was not what we expected… I was expecting something like the North and South Korea DMZ. But no, it’s just a painted line on the ground next to a DMZ bar sporting camo and beer signs. Then we explored the old Empiral Palace which was really cool, and huge.

A lot of stuff, a bunch of pictures. Next stop, Hoi An!


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