Eating and Shopping our Way through Hoi An

Oh man, we hit the food and shopping Mecca of Vietnam! So we did more than just eat and shop, maybe to make ourselves feel better about the eating and shopping. George and Walt motorbiked to Hai Van Pass, one of the most beautiful coast roads in the world, yesterday and we all did a little motor biking through town as well. We also went to the Marble Mountain today to see a bunch of Buddha statues and crazy cave temples. 

On to the food! We had the best Banh Mi in all of Vietnam, so says Anthony Bourdain and me. The pork, ham, pate sandwich with veggies and chili sauce was out of this world! MB and I found it yesterday… While we were shopping… And went back today with the boys. Also, this noodle dish called Cau Lau is on point! It’s a bowl filled with thick homemade noodles and topped with pork, pork grinds and covered in broth. YUM.

MB had a couple outfits tailor made, I bought a few things off the street, and we did it all very very cheaply.

Sad face, MB has to go home soon 😦 She’s going to spend a couple nights at a beach around here before heading back to the States.

The rest of us are jumping on a night train to Nha Trang which will lead us to Dalat. Dalat is a small French town in the mountains that’s known for its waterfalls, motorbiking (George Paradise) and canyoning. I AM SO EXCITED! Also, our hotel is $9 a night… 


4 thoughts on “Eating and Shopping our Way through Hoi An”

    1. Great stuff! Onward then 🙂 Marybeth, looks like you had an excellent time. All of you, be careful out there. Love you😍
      Ps are those shrimp drying in the sun?


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