Little Russia and Waterfalls

Our tour of Vietnam hit a weird speed bump when we got to Nha Trang. We wanted to have a chill beach day before taking the bus to Dalat, and it ended up to be pretty chill… And strange. Nha Trang is little Russia. A lot of the businesses are owned by Russians, there’s tons of Russian tourists and all of the signs and menus are written in Russian. Note that we have not seen Russians in any other part of the country. 

The Russian beach was a little depressing.  It was either giant people in little bathing suits or little people in very little bathing suits. There was no talking, no smiling, no touching each other for photos, it was strange. 

The best part of Nha Trang was the bomb-ass all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant we went to. They grilled all sorts of meats and seafood right at our table. George even grabbed some frog to grill. Tasted like chicken! Scoot over rice, it’s all you can meat time.

The next day we took the bus to Dalat, which took four hours and was filled with windy roads :/ No surprise, George got sick. That solidified the “fly to Saigon” plan when we leave in a couple days. While George recovered, Walt and I walked around town and got MORE BBQ. It’s BBQ Paradise! But this time, we got to grill it!

Today we all motorbiked to Pangour Falls (the best around) and Elephant Falls.  We were planning to get in one more waterfall but the darkness crept up and we had to head back to the homestay for another BBQ. Can’t stop won’t stop. 

Sad note, this is Walt’s last night with us:( He’s flying to Cambodia and then to Thailand to finish up his five weeks of vacation. 

George and I are going to stay in Dalat another day and try out canyoning! I’m so excited to rappel down a waterfall…


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