Canyoning in Da Lat and the Start of Saigon

The canyoning trip in Da Lat was intense. We went from rappelling a small dirt hill to a slippery waterfall. The small dirt hill did not prepare us for the waterfall. I thought I was going to die by waterfall at one point, I slipped in the middle of the rappel and couldn’t find my grip. The water was hitting me in the face. But I survived! With only a few scrapes! George was like “Hell no I’m not doing that,” which was very smart. We did a bunch of dry rappelling after that and jumped into some rivers. 
Overall, We’re glad we did it. What we regret doing is eating the lunch. The guide was like “oh, you guys aren’t eating the mango skin? It has all the nutrients in it, like the pineapple core.” So we ate the mango skin. And then we died.

The next day we were too sick to do anything, so we had a nice “detox” day and watched Games of Thrones in bed. 

Today we made it to Saigon (the people here do not call it Ho Chi Min City, they don’t like him or communism… Surprise?) and had the best pho in town at Pho Quynh. They pull their own noodles in house and the beef is amazing! Then we decided to get a massage from these blind people, which the hotel recommended to us so we didn’t check the reviews beforehand. It was not worth the $3.50, and that’s saying something. The massage room looked like an old insane asylum, and the masseuse just drummed on my body and karate chopped George in the head. She massaged around my eyes so much I thought she was going to try and steal them, I know that’s a terrible thing to say but it’s true. So after that, we went and got another one! It was much better. 

Tomorrow we are going to check out a few war museums and book our tickets to our next country, Cambodia!

P.s. The power lines here are out of control. Photos below. 


6 thoughts on “Canyoning in Da Lat and the Start of Saigon”

  1. Enjoying my morning coffe and catching up on your journey. You’re making me laugh Rachel. Your trip sounds wonderful. I’m so glad your enjoying yourselves and even in your off days, you have a comfortable place to rest. Love you!!


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