Welcome to Cambodia!

We survived the 45 minute flight to Siem Reap! High five!

Luckily, we didn’t have to pull out our TripAdvisor to find a hotel because Bonnary’s (friend and old co-worker) parents live here and own a hotel! They have been so welcoming and kind, we are really lucky to share this part of our trip with them. 

OH, and guess who had to come back to Siem Reap for a night before he flew to Bangkok? WALT. After all the hugs and goodbyes… Anyway he’s gone again, but he did get to join us on our ultimate fun evening with the Lek’s.

First, we had a photo shoot at the Regency Angkor, where we had dinner.

Then buffet dinner, aka I had a lot of steak. 

Then we visited the night market and Pub Street where we watched a free drag show (yaaaaaaas) and took more photos.

Then we got full body massages, in the same room, for $4. Look at the awesome outfit I got to wear!

Now that’s what I call a fun filled night.

After Walt left for the airport, George and I visited the National Museum to prep for ANGKOR WAT tomorrow. I can’t wait! Circe, I’m copying your day-to-day itinerary. Thank you for the tips!

We’re waking up at 4:30am to see the sunrise over Angkor, so it’s time to hit the hay. I’ll leave you with this really attractive photo. 


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Cambodia!”

  1. Rachel, you looked gorgeous at dinner! Just lovely! Oh and before I forget – tell George he’s rockin that bald head! Baldies unite!


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