To Angkor Wat… And Beyond!

Wow, we just saw a lot of temples! They were all beautiful, filled with good vibes and children selling magnets. 

We took a shit load of photos, I’m not going to bore you with all of them. Here’s our fav six temples from our two day tour. 

1.Angkor Wat! Surprise! We went for the sunrise, but it was a little cloudy so we didn’t get “the picture” but that’s ok. We had the experience. 

P.S. Going at sunrise was like going to a concert. It was nuts, like maybe too nuts.

2. Bayon in Angkor Thom. Amazing! There were a lot of tourists but it was still magical and definitely one of my favorites. 

There’s Buddha faces everywhere!

3. Ta Prohm- aka the Angelina Jolie temple from Tomb Raider! Obvi I got a photo in Angie’s spot. I mean we’re practically twins. 

George was more into this giant tree around the back of the temple.

4. Preah Khan. George’s fav, one of my favorites as well. We went this morning before all of the tourists got there. We wore the same clothes for two days… Don’t judge us. It was so so hot. 

5. East Mebon – This one was a bit different from the other temples. The bricks were smaller, it just looked really cool. 

6. And finally, the very small temple Prasat Kravan. This little prayer room took the cake.

The buckets and buckets of sweat were all worth it! 

We were debating on where to go next, and finally decided on Southern Thailand and Malaysia. We’re flying into Phuket tomorrow to do some swimming and cool off from all this Cambodian heat.

I leave you with this… Create your own caption. 


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