Phuket and our Journey to Railay Beach

We had planned on making our way to Laos after Cambodia, but with some motion sickness issues and a few tourist shootings in the news we decided to skip it!

New plan: Southern Thailand and Malaysia! There’s a train that takes you from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur, it should be an experience. 

So our first stop in Thailand was to Phuket, then we headed to Railay Beach in Krabi. 

Phuket is a party island, we’re not 21 anymore, so we didn’t plan on staying more than a day. Until I had too much green curry and we had to stay an extra day :/ Worth it?

We basically laid around for two days and found a bunch of giant jellyfish. Here’s George poking a dead one.

This morning we took a bus to a pick-up truck to a boat to get to Railay Beach. Definitely worth it! We’re staying at the Railay Phutawan Resort that’s snuggled in between these karsts with a view of the ocean. AND you can watch the rock climbers all day from the pool. Tight. Also, George shaved off all of his hair. He has a normal shaped head! 

Tomorrow we’re going to hit the beach, explore a couple caves and a lagoon, and decide how long we want to stay here in paradise. I may try to rock climb too… But I’m nervous to have another canyoning experience. I still have a bunch of scrapes left. 

P.S. We saw Walt again in Phuket! I’m 98% sure that it was the last time. I’m keeping the 2% open just in case…


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