Railay Beach is Pretty

That summarizes our trip here but I’ll give you some more deets. 

Today I was feeling a little under the weather again, I’m starting to think I am allergic to MSG. Apparently the curry is full of it. WHOOPS! But yesterday was fantastic and we went on an evening pool adventure today that was fun.

On to yesterday. We explored most of the island by foot, starting with West Railay. Tada! 

Then we went to this cave beach that was really blown out. We were like “psh they call this a cave! Go to Vietnam bro” and left. 

Then we followed this dirt jungle path to the secluded Ton Sai Beach… Big mistake. Even with the bug spray, the mosquitos were out for blood. It turned out to be a far harder and longer hike than we thought it was going to be (1 hour) and we were covered in bites by the time we got to the beach. At that point, we were willing to pay anyone with a boat to take us back, anything to dodge that trail again! 

The beach was beautiful, and secluded, so that was cool. Selfie!

While we were taking selfies, we noticed a couple people climbing these stairs with their luggage. THERE WAS ANOTHER WAY TO THE BEACH. It was like a 10 minute walk on a path, we were happy and mad at the same time. Oh well! At least we had the “experience.”

George got a massage today, I laid in bed until our evening swim where I got this cute mosquito bite on my forehead 😦

We’re off to the train station tomorrow to head down to Kuala Lumpur. Hopefully our stomach and mosquito luck will be on point going forward! 


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