Kuala Lumpur- Architecture and Aquarium

This is the first big city that we’ve been to that feels like a big city! There’s a metro, shopping malls, a business district, a tower that’s very similar to the Seattle Space Needle. 

It’s a nice break from the trains and the stomach viruses, we are really enjoying our time here. 

The architecture here is crazy! Look at this shit.

We’ve been walking around the city for the last two days, soaking in the Muslim culture and eating a lot of Indian food. Today we decided to go and do something touristy, so we went to the aquarium. It was so fun! We saw a ton of piranhas, basically all of the most dangerous sea life in the world. Also, we got to walk through this glass tunnel that gave us awesome views of sharks and sting rays!

These little guys just poke up through the sand. Def my fav. 

Then we went to the top of the KL Tower for a view of the city. Pretty nice!

This is it at night.

We’re going to hang out here until Sunday, then fly over to Borneo to play with Orangatans. Yaaaaaaaas.


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