Katu Caves- Kuala Lumpur

This place deserves a whole post just for all of the monkeys!

Only a 30 minute metro ride away, Katu Caves is the gem of Kuala Lumpur. Also, it’s free which blows my mind. How can this be free?!?

You climb the stairs and there’s crazy monkeys everywhere. You’re not allowed to feed the monkeys, but there’s no monkey security so people give them tons of shit. Or the monkeys steal it. 

After you climb the really fun monkey stairs you enter the cave. Since we’ve already seen the coolest caves in the world, it did not impress us. But we’re VICP (very important cave people, aahahahaha), so it’s understandable. 

On our way out, we stopped by this $1 cave where they had all of these crazy statues telling Hindu stories. It was worth the $1 just to see this one.

According to the sign, the people are trying to wake the big dude up so he fights someone. I don’t remember his name… But I wouldn’t want to be the other guy. 

We’re flying out to Borneo tomorrow! Wifi is not going to be super strong so it may be a few days before the next post. 

Also, we saw X-Men today and it was awesome!! Except how the f did the three students get out of the helicopter??? Lucyyyy you  got some explaining to do!


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