Sabah- Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

It’s monkey post day! We’ve been in the Borneo jungle for the past few days with very little to no wifi. So now that we’re in the small city of Kota Kinabalu, I can post! 

I’m going to break all of this monkey business into two posts because there was so much to see. This one is covering the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary.

The proboscis monkeys were so fun to watch! The male with the biggest nose (also penis) is the King, he has like 20 wives. All the other guys have none unless they steal or fight the King. It’s pretty crazy. This is Bill. I’ll refrain from posting the mating video…

Here’s all of the guys hanging out.

Ahaha, ok here’s some of the ladies and babies. The ladies have smaller noses. Some of the men have them as well :/ I don’t think they are going to be stealing any of Bill’s wives anytime soon!

Sadly, the rainforest is disappearing and is being replaced with palm oil farms. These guys are running out of space to live! 

Also hanging out at the sanctuary were the silvered leaf monkeys. Super cute annnnd we were able to touch them! George liked to shake their hands. 

The babies have yellow hair, very cute:) What we didn’t find cute were the local children trying to take the babies away from their moms. Not nice!

 And finally, I fed one of the monkeys a green bean. He grabbed it and ran!

I wanted to post the mating video at the end of this post anyways, to be funny. But it’s taking me like 12 hours to upload the photos so you will just have to wait for it to appear in another post, where it’s just sprinkled in. A real gotcha moment!


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