Orangatans and Sun Bears!

Orangatans in the jungle? Sign us up!

We were a bit concerned that the Sepilok Orangatan Rehabilitation Center was going to be blown out with tourists, because guess what? It was a Harvest holiday in Sabah! So all of the locals had a four day weekend. This seems like a trend for us… Showing up for local holidays :/

The morning feeding was totally crazy, it was like Angkor Wat sunrise all over again. We decided to ditch the feeding and go on the “bird walk” in search of not hungry Orangatans and birds. No birds… But we did find one Orangatan! Pretty cool.

After that we took a monkey break and walked over to the Sun Bear Conservation Center. It was surprisingly awesome! The sun bear is the smallest bear in the world. A lot of people keep them as pets, which is where this place steps in. You can’t keep a bear as a pet!
Lucky us, th founder was there to answer any questions we had. My main question: Sun Bear vs. Monkey, who wins? The bear wins! Especially if he’s hungry. He also let us look in his bear lens to see them up close. 

After a couple hours we headed back to the Orangatans for the second feeding. Baby alert! There was a baby and his mommy on the platform! The baby kept swinging around on the ropes and the mom kept pulling him back down. 

Then we were walking toward the nursery and came face to face with two adult Orangatans! The park workers made us keep our distance, Orangatans are very strong. Fun fact, they are 96.4% just like us!


Our next stop was to the Mount Kinabalu National Park. That journey and our rainstorm in the jungle leech experience coming soon… 

Oh, and we saw the biggest ants ever. They kept fighting each other to the death. 


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