Mount Kinabalu – Rain and Leeches

We planned on taking the bus from the Orangatans to Mount Kinabalu to hike around for a few days. A lot of people hike to the top, but I already hiked to Machu Picchu so what do I have to prove? Nada.

Our hotel dropped us off at the bus stop… Apparently they don’t fill up, even on the holiday! HAHA. After three hours of full buses passing us, we had to take a taxi BACK to Sandakan ( where we flew in) and buy bus tickets directly from the station. Six hours on mountain roads later, we made it to the park!

The next day was really cloudy, but we decided to hike anyway. P.S. It has rained all night.

We’re hiking, it’s a rainforest. Cool bug! Cool fern! Cool leech? Nooooo.

They were everywhere! We had to keep stopping to rip them off of our shoes and our ankles. Oh, and they don’t die. And they stick to the bottom of your shoe and keep crawling up even when you’re walking on them. Here’s one!

Then the rain came… A lot of rain. We’re on some path in the middle of the jungle with tons of leaches and a wet map. Spoiler Alert! We made it out! It was definitely an experience.

We stopped by a restaurant in the park to regroup and George found a leach inside his sock sucking his blood. Always bring your leech proof socks when you are in the jungle!

The views were nice though, when it cleared up. Right after I took this, George got food poisoning. Don’t order seafood when you’re not near the ocean!

Since our shoes were pretty much done, and all of this “wildlife” kept sneaking into our hotel room (wasps, giant cockroach like bugs, tons of moths) we skipped out on the second day of hiking and hitched a ride to Kota Kinabalu. It’s not much of a city, but it has bug free rooms, George’s dream juice bar, and foot massages! Here’s the only photo we took. I call it: a rainy day at the mall.

We landed in Bali last night. Last leg!


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