Lovina Beach is Not Paradise

Man! The Internet really got us good this time. All of this talk about beautiful black sand swimmable beaches that are not blown out with tourists… 

It was covered in trash, the locals harassed us every step we took. There was a very small area between fishing boats to swim, but it was right next to the shops so you couldn’t get away from the hustle. Very disappointing.

So instead, we rented a motorbike and got the f off the beach. It ended up to be one our favorite days actually, yay!

First we went to the buddist temple Brahma Vihara Arama that was pretty much deserted. It was beautiful. 

Then we motorbiked through the mountains to get to the sea goddesses temple Pura Ulun Danu Beratan on Lake Beratan. This was the view from our lunch pitstop. 

The temple itself was a little blown out, but still really nice and the temperature was much more comfortable because of the elevation.

Then we biked down the winding roads to our hotel to get ready for our trek BACK down to the south where apparently the beautiful beaches live. Time will tell!

While we were on the road, we saw some sort of parade, not sure what it was for but it looked fun!

And here’s a video of the winding roads.

GOTCHA! Aahahahaha


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