Pangandaran- Beach Vibes

We found a beautiful, not blown out with tourists, black sand beach town! It only took a 4 hour train ride from Yogyakarta, a bicycle Tuk Tuk and then a two hour insane bus ride to get here. The bus driver was on the phone basically the whole time, I almost punched him in the face but I didn’t want to be that american. 

Yesterday we walked to the main beach, hoping to find an umbrella to chill under. Weird thing when the beach town isn’t blown out… There’s no umbrellas, there’s no beach chairs,there’s no way to get away from the Java sun. These locals could make a lot of money if they invested in umbrellas! Maybe that should be our next calling… We are… The Umbrella People. So we walked, then we snuck into a hotel and swam in their pool :/ I was told to “act like I was supposed to be there” and it worked!

Then we went to the fish market for dinner. Actually we went for lunch and dinner because it was so tiiiiiiight! For lunch, we had a whole fish and squid for $5. That’s loco! So for dinner we splurged and got crabs and jumbo shrimp for $10. Can we take you home, fish market?

Today we decided to rent a motorbike and head to Batu Karas, this small beach like an hour away. It was wonderful, the ride to the beach was beautiful, the man chain smoking cigarettes at our lunch spot was not so wonderful, but we’ll take it. 

George tried to surf again, it did not go well.

Here’s the Green River we passed by on the way to the beach. It’s green! Surprise!

 Annnnd some pretty fields, to remember our last trip to the countryside:(


Tomorrow we’re taking a very small plane to Jakarta, our last city this trip 😦 I think we may be the only passengers… So you could say we are renting our own private jet. Ballers! 


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