The Mall Rats of Jakarta

Introducing the new mall rats of Jakarta, George and Rachel. 

Jakarta is a huge city with a whole lot of nothing but shopping malls. It’s nuts. So we’ve been hanging out at the Lotte Mall for the last two days and will continue to live at the mall for the next three. Look at the cool mall entrance!

Also, check out this crazy glowing statue of two women arguing over a durian in front of the mall!

If you’re not familiar with the durian, you are not missing much. It’s the smelliest fruit on the planet. Most of the hotels we have stayed at have signs specifically saying “NO DURIAN” and we met some guy who ate a whole durian for a few happy hour beers and everything, including the beers, tasted like BO. So I’m not sure why these ladies are fighting over it. 

Also, the traffic is crazy. Here’s a motorbike parking lot that we pass on the way to the mall.

Here’s another fun fact for you, the Muslim Call to Prayer is blasted through loudspeakers all around the city four times a day. The first starting at 4am, that one lasts for an hour. Our hotel faces two speaker towers. At least the rest of the hotel is nice?

P.S. The private jet was very quick and smooth! Thanks Susi Air.