The Bali Beach Hop

Wow, these southern beaches are exactly what we needed! Especially since we both caught colds and needed to rest a bit. Everyone in Asia is coughing all over the place without covering their mouths. It’s not cool, I’m going to make a “cover your f-ing mouth” PSA.

We started in Nusa Dua, which is known for its  five star hotels covering the beach. We did not stay at these pish posh hotels. So we got sneaky… We walked along the beach all la de da, saw a couple chairs that were free, and sat down like we were staying at the $500 a night resort. I was like “ohhhhh we’re going to get caught, we don’t have a purple towel.” G was like “chill out, they’re not going to say a thing.” And they didn’t! 

Very nice view, thanks Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa! We also walked through the St. Regis “private beach” (I was told to chill out again) and it’s crazy how rich some people are. Do you really need to spend money on your own beach house? Give me some! 

The next day we motorbiked to Blue Point, this awesome surfers beach. We had to walk down a bunch of stairs to get to a cave where it opens up to the ocean.

All those dots are surfers!

We took a beach break to see the Uluwatu Temple which sits on a cliff. We are kind of templed out at the moment, so we just went for the view. Apparently that’s what the excitement’s all about anyway.

Then we bike over to this unmarked road that is supposed to take us to a secret beach and park the bike. We look down the cliff and realize we need more than an hour to explore this one… Especially with the cliff hike.

So we saved it for today, like three days after I took the photo. We needed a few pool and tissue days for the colds.

The secret beach is called Nyang Nyang and it is the shit! Look at this! There’s like one person on the beach!

And some shipwrecks :/ beach ghosts?

Low tide exposed a ton of coral. I walked out a bit… Until I saw something sticking out from a rock… It was some sort of ocean spider and I freaked out. George found one later and we took a pic. I googled ocean spider and just got photos of giant sea monsters so I have no idea what it actually is. But I’m not touching it. 

And that concludes our Bali adventure! We fly to the island of Java tomorrow.

Last but not least… Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad in the world! I hope you’re doing some of this tomorrow. Be prepared to do it again in a couple weeks.